8 Questions we suggest you ask before buying toner

Sometimes the euphoria of getting a good deal online can quickly come to a grinding halt the moment you have an issue. We listened to many of our customers who had previously purchased ink jet and laser toner cartridges online and here’s what they told us:

Common Online Toner Purchase Issues
• Toner cartridge was never delivered
• Toner delivery was delayed
• Toner cartridge was defective or poor quality
• The wrong toner cartridge was arrived
• No local person to speak to for support if required
Even online giant Amazon.com recently had an article written about upset online buyers who complained about never receiving their products. As it turned out, it wasn’t Amazon’s fault but rather a fly-by-night vendor that simply took people’s money with no intention of fulfilling their order.
You just never know.
Have you had issues buying toner online? Recently we’ve enjoyed an increase in business customers sourcing their inkjet and laser toner cartridges buying them through our DISCOUNT COPIER SUPPLY EASY ORDER online system. Our business clients tell us buying online from us is easy and they appreciate the peace of mind knowing they’ll receive our premium quality toner products quickly and delivered to their door at no charge. This seems to be contrary to what appears to be a wave of poor experiences when people elect to buy their toner off local websites and many of the more reputable online “etailers”.
To help you avoid issues buying your next toner cartridge online, here’s a list of eight questions we suggest you ask before you give them your money:
1. How can I be assured of the quality of the cartridge?…..We have 3 locations in the USA, they are ISO certified.
2. What if I don’t get what I ordered?…..You will quickly get a replacement shipment, or a full refund.
3. What if the toner never arrives?…..You will quickly get a replacement shipment, or a full refund.
4. Are there any hidden fees, such as shipping?…..No hidden fees and the shipping is free in the USA (except AK & HI).
5. What is the product warranty?…..It is a Lifetime Warranty.
6. What is the return process?…..Get an RMA# and ship it back for a full refund.
7. How long will delivery take?…..Two or three days on most order, since we ship from three US locations.
8. Can you speak to someone if you have an issue?…..Yes, our sales and customer service depts. are open Monday-Friday, 9:00-6:00. We are located in Winston Salem, NC.
The way you order your toner is up to you. Providing free and timely delivery of our premium quality ink jet and laser printer cartridges is what we do. That’s why we hope these questions help you avoid online toner purchasing issues next time your printer runs out of toner.

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