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Your Inkjet & Laser Printer Cartridges
Enjoy the best prices on top-rated printer ink and toner cartridge replacements. Customers LOVE our printer cartridges! Take advantage of even bigger savings when you shop high yield ink cartridges or bulk ink cartridge sets that allow you to print more pages. Now you can keep printing with lower prices on the Inkjet and Laser printer cartridge replacements, Find the printer cartridges for even hard-to-find printer models.

Why is printer ink so expensive?

OEM printer cartridges–aka ink or toner made by your printer’s manufacturer (HP, Canon, Epson) are all priced high to make up for the cost of manufacturing printers. Brands like HP, Epson, and Canon sell cheap inkjet printers often at cost just to get consumers to buy their products. They then hope to make the money back from the ink and toner cartridges those consumers would have to buy in order to keep their printers running later on.

How can you save money on ink?

There are quite a few ways, one is to use laser printers. Buying a laser printer has proven time and again to be more cost-effective compared to inkjet printers. Another way is to use generic ink and toner cartridges priced much lower than an original (OEM) cartridge. Just like how you’ve come to depend on the quality you get from other generic products, generic printer cartridges–also called aftermarket cartridges–have taken the ink and toner industry by storm, saving both home users and businesses thousands of dollars.

Are Discount Copier’s Products Legit?

Discount Copier Supply has been providing consumers with reliable low-cost compatible inkjet and laser toner cartridge replacements for 20 years and is one of the largest and most trusted sources of aftermarket printer supplies in the USA. Discount Copier Supply has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has consistently been recognized for its exceptional customer service with numerous Circle of Excellence awards. All products come with a 1 Year Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

What ink should I buy for my printer?

Get the name of your printer ink cartridge by following these easy steps. Lift the cover of your printer to expose your printer cartridge tray. Wait for the cartridge carriage to center and stop completely. The names of your cartridges should already be visible to you from this angle. Otherwise, pull out your ink cartridge and the cartridge label might be on the side.

What is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges?

Knowing which printer model uses the inkjet or toner cartridges most efficiently can save you a ton of money in the long run. There are many printer models with affordable ink cartridge options, whether you get a Canon, HP, Epson, or Brother printer. The first most important thing to consider is the printing process, is it an inkjet printer or a laser printer? While the laser printers and their cartridges are far more expensive, the average laser cartridge will print 10X more pages than the average inkjet cartridge. Once you decide on the printing process, you must decide on the speed and capacity of your printer. Do you require many short runs of 1 – 10 pages and /or 1 – 20 copies, or do you need ten times that volume? That will determine the size and the collating capacity of your printer. Then you should try and anticipate your needs for the near future. Only after you know your specific requirements, can you determine which is the best printer model for your office. Educate yourself on how to be a smarter printer shopper and check out our other articles. When you finally decide, you can be confident that Discount Copier Supply will provide the most reliable and cheapest ink cartridges.

Are you environmentally aware?

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the environment without jeopardizing the quality and reliability of our product. All of the remanufactured cartridges we sell are professionally rebuilt to match the standards of the original, keeping tons of plastics out of landfills and preventing millions of gallons of oil from being used during the production of new cartridges. Shopping with Discount Copier Supply means you are making a conscious choice to better the environment.

Your satisfaction matters!

At Discount Copier Supply, we know the value of a great print. Whether you run a business or print your vacation photos from home, printing with a cartridge you can count on is important. That’s why we offer affordable inkjet and laser toner cartridges for everyone. Pick from thousands of highest quality compatible ink and toner supplies, all with free and fast delivery.

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