5 Things You Should Know About Toner Cartridges

The copier toner /ink acts as a chromophoric means to get high-quality printed documents. Most often this is a powder form of the ink material and it is in a plastic cartridge, which is inserted into the printer. When you give the print command, this powder on the print head begins heating and then it transfers onto the paper in tiny amounts, which combine to present beautiful images and text on the paper.
There are many facts and information that people want to collect regarding toner formation, toner replacement requirements, refilling and recycling of cartridges, ways to remove it from clothes and hands, and the toner’s effect on the operator’s health, etc. So, let’s discuss all these points in detail form.

1. Types of Color Used in Toners
Initially, the black and white printer worked on a single color base i.e black ink only. The white base of the paper makes prints black and white. Today’s color laser printers work on four-color formats i.e CMYK. Here, K represents Black, C is for Cyan (blue), M is for Magenta and Yellow is denoted by Y. These colors combine to create amazing images.

2. Toner Formation
Basically, the toner is formed from the mixing of four components:
A) Specific color pigments, CMYK
B) Synthetic resin
C)Magnetisable metal oxides
D) Agents like silicon and wax
The composition (mixing ratio) varies with printer where the cartridge is going to be used and the ratio also varies from brand to brand. Normally, toner powder particles lie between 5 to 30 micrometers. These tiny particles changes the toner’s appearance and makes it look like a liquid form. This helps the toner to flow as needed and without shaking.

3. Toner Replacement
There is an indicator in the laser printers that warns the users when they are at the low level of toner. If you install drivers on the system, then the system will deliver a notification for all toner levels. But remember, every printer uses different parameters for the filling.

4. Higher Printing Speed Than Inkjet
Laser printers have a much higher printing speed as compared to inkjet printers. The toner cartridges work on advanced laser beam technology. These laser toner cartridges also can deliver more accurate details than inkjet printers. They also have a high page yield capacity, so you can print many pages accurately and quickly.

5. Most Common Issue
Print Smudging is the most common issue, this is when your printer starts delivering dirt or marks on printouts. It arises when the waste toner container is full, or the drum is not really clean, (even due to automatic cleaning after the printing process). There can be a possibility of worn or faulty drum wiper blades. Finally, it could occur when the printing elements are not properly inserted into the printer. All of the above reasons for Print Smudging are very simple to correct.

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